Here Charitable Individualism is the key!… nothing less.


God appeared to David and asked , ” Why should I grant your wish. Give me one reason?”

David said, ” God! I tried keeping your commandments. And if ever i had deviated, that was not out of WILLFULNESS, but out of WEAKNESS -with a generous dose of RECKLESSNESS.”

God said, ” In fact for your sense of humour I grant it to you, more than the reasons for which you claim you deviated.”

David was so pleased with himself that he told God, ” So God have i finally said what You have not heard before?

God said, “Sure David, I have heard it from someone for the first time. But what amused me was that My creation had thought of what he was not supposed to consider. You have eaten from the TREE OF KNOWLEDGE! Go earn your own bread, and toil!”

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