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C.S.LEWIS had defined the FOUR TYPES OF LOVE. Whether Love cud ever be so narrowly bracketed and presented to the reader is debatable. But we have to make a start somewhere and as such, i endeavour to classify the SEVEN TYPES of LUST.

PUPPY LUST: This starts when kids  realize their gender sexual differences and curiosity impels them to find out more. Some succeed, and most don’t discover a willing person of the opposite  sex to carry out their infantile investigations. It serves no purpose except for having seen, touched, tasted, sniffed the forbidden without invoking the expulsion from the garden of Eden. It is merely the early intimations of what is to follow in future.

AUTO LUST: This starts when the kids are unable to put their desires to any positive external act and end up playing both the genders by mentally imagining the other sex and getting into masturbatory and other self-abusive acts. It need not be that the kids have to be conscious, there was this girl who would enjoy her shower so much, that her mom was so impressed with her sense of cleanliness, but the reality was that she would let the tap running over her private parts which created an ineffable sensation. Some girls love to ride bicycles, what they love most is the jutting end of the seat that presses  hard against their pudenda, that they derive sexual sensations. So whether conscious or unconscious when the activity, is confined to the self, it is AUTO LUST!

GAY LUST: The guys and girls who are attracted sexually towards persons of their own gender and feel comfortable, are into this. They need a similarity of structure to bring out their sexual appetite. It is the least invasive of all sexual activity, when it is between females without sex toys.  Here the mental fit is important, both are structurally similar but since their minds are differently oriented- for whatever reason- their functions are a matter of arrangement between them. There is greater possibility of equality , but not necessarily so. The partners cud play both the ends without assigning any specific gender role to the other.

TRUST LUST: This is the lust that develops between the Director and his secretary, the pilot and the stewardess, the doctor and his nurse, the master and his servant. This intimate relationship is nothing new and has existed between such persons over the ages. It is not uncommon for the feudal lords to father children thru their servants, doctors having affairs with their nurses on the examining table……. This is because of the professional TRUST which exists between them,  which gets  stretched to the physical limits.

SYMPATHY LUST: There are many who end up having affairs with persons who are extremely ugly, undesirable and unequals. The person who shows sympathy and the recipient of the sympathy. The bonding that takes place between them is more because, the sympathizer wants to keep the other person happy and does not want to let him/her deteriorate. This lust has a great potential to alter its course. What starts as sympathy cud end up as something very dependable lasting too. It is the blindness to the apparent faults that aids this lust and the devotion quotient, from the unequal partner could have a positive effect on the sympathizer!

DOMINATING LUST: This cannot exist without the other submitting to such an extent that  the other becomes a groveling slave.  There is only one mind at play- that is the  game.  The dominator  decides the  course. The strength depends only on the direction of the dominator and  the other is merely providing the structural support for the Dominator  to carry out his/her whims.  It could be positive also, when the  sex between them is merely a bonding for achieving greater social purpose.

PROCREATIVE LUST: This is the most common- not necessarily normal- type that exists in the society. It is a social conditioning that breeds this variety. The religions look down upon any other form and thereby the peace loving ones choose this and even if they prevaricate from the norm, they come back to the fold and feel secure. The purpose of this lust is to produce children and the pleasure is not an end in itself.

As i had said at the outset, it is difficult to classify and restrict the topic of LUST to seven types.  Yet somewhere a beginning is to be made, and here it is , which may be agreed with or otherwise!

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  1. agreed in full

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